Adobe Photoshop online courses – Basic Photoshop skills for beginners


In this post find out the best adobe photoshop online courses, free learning resources and ways to learn adobe photoshop skills online effectively. Adobe Photoshop is a great graphic design, photo-editing, and creative software or tool to do digital content creation, branding, marketing, and photo-related works.

Learning photoshop is like developing your creativity.

Following are the most important things you have to focus on and consider while learning adobe photoshop:

  • Use each photoshop tool/function or menu in various ways on different things. Such as use the blur tool in the photo than in logo and after that in typography.
  • Practice each tool 100+ times on already existed photoshop created materials.
  • Whenever you try to create any graphic or manipulation or editing on your own then try to think creatively.
  • Practice more on colors, fonts, and presentations.
  • See real photoshop related jobs, projects and works on freelancing sites such as Upwork, freelance, guru, etc. then try to do those things or work as a practice. It means to practice in professional works.
  • Read blogs, watch videos tutorials, and do online courses related to graphics design, photoshop as much as possible. Never stop learning.

So now let me share with you what are the uses of Adobe Photoshop. I mean where photoshop is used and how?

For that, you need to read this article:  Uses of Adobe Photoshop in Our Daily Life

Here you can also learn about: The benefits of learning adobe photoshop skills in this article. 

 What are the essential things you to learn or which things you should practice more?

Things to practice:

  • eCommerce Product Design
  • Website Template creation
  • Image background removal
  • Quotes design
  • Banner designs
  • Logo design
  • Photo Editing
  • PSD to Html
  • Colour palette creation
  • Typography
  • Pattern and texture designs
  • Passport and stamp size photograph creation
  • Photo restoration
  • Retouch or repair scanned photographs
  • Sales funnels designs
  • Email Ads or Newsletter designs
  • Product Packaging Designs
  • Apps icon designs
  • Featured Image/Thumbnail Design for videos or online courses
  • Cover page design for social media
  • Remove objects from photos
  • Addition of objects in the photos

Tools to practice:

  • Selection tools
  • Crop and slice
  • Retouching
  • Painting
  • Drawing and type tools
  • Short Cut keys
  • Filters and Effects
  • Printing
  • Colour correction
  • Brightness and contrast
  • Blending options
  • Layers Effects
  • Gradients
  • Shadows


Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorials or channels:

PHLEARN – 1.85M+ subscribers Photoshop Tutorials – 1.06M+ subscribers

 Following are the best Online Adobe Courses for beginners as well as for experts:

Adobe Photoshop CC Advanced Training Course Learn Photoshop, Web Design & Profitable Freelancing


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